Sodom - Demonized LP (White vinyl)


Well, this is Sodom in 1984, and this demo was recorded not long before the "In the Sign of Evil" was released. Everything is very raw on this demo, but played with the sloppy intensity that only bands like Venom could achieve. A lot of these songs are only on this demo, and were probably trashed later on for very reasons, such as the song "Victims of Death", which is practically a distorted mess of a punk song for the first half, and then some how evolves to and NWOBHM riff, then back to punk. The guitar solos are like a less annoying Slayer whammy bar cat scratch type of solo. The bass is loud and distorted as hell. Now the vocals are very strange. Mr. Angelripper is one of those few guys that changes his vocal style a lot. He dosen't sound like he does on "In the Sign of Evil" or "Obsessed By Cruelty". He sounds like a pissed off punker kid, who listens to Venom. He will never sound like this ever again, the closest he would ever get to sounding like this would actually be on "Persecution Mania", and only from time to time. The real question though is "Is it any good?". If you like Venom, Onslaught or anything similiar, you'll eat this up. I wouldn't really call this thrash. It's like Blackened Punk Metal. There is no such thing, but that'll give you an idea.