Slaughterday - Laws Of The Occult Digi-CD


By and large this here is a mostly savage and unrelenting old-school style attack on display, which begins with the thrashing riff-work and simplistic approach. This is just straightforward, crushing mid-tempo death metal with very few tricks up its sleeve, working through a deep churning attack swirling with bouncy rhythms built along a thrash template without the technicality. In it’s place is a plodding crunch that keeps the tracks firmly in that dredgy, doom-encrusted tone that works so well in aping that old-school approach. This cavernous approach works quite well here with it giving the album a solid balance between the two styles, with it employing the tighter, more plodding paces that are slightly more doom-inspired while also allowing the launching pad for it to kick into that primitive thrash tempo where the band kicks up the energy and presents some more inspired and lively arrangements yet still wallowing in that murky filth permeating the rest of the album.