Slaegt - The Wheel LP (White vinyl)


Ambition among those who are intensely collaborative versus those who go it alone can be accused of creating two separate class of populist art rising within the perceived heavy music ‘underground’. Whether they’ve risen through the merits of their craft or simply paid to play, a certain amount of lucky visibility still decides what reaches willing ears of influence. With organic discovery tending to overwhelm listeners with the need to cruise through new and old alike without meaning or connection, when does the original ambition of an artist play into the viability of their new and ‘next’ thing? In most cases those that keep track see deleterious returns as artists please ambitious labels taking reasonable cuts while endorsing new licensing. The clash here is entirely invented by the listener as the romance for an old sound clouds the human qualities of musicians, ignoring the songwriter’s self-pressurized need to improve and ‘progress’. Danish blackened heavy metal Slægt quartet represent musician Asrock‘s (Oskar J. Frederiksen) rise from incredibly detailed and distinct black metal roots, which once thrived within static-fueled distortion and claustrophobic gnashing, towards a polished and catchy melodic black/heavy metal band. With collaboration and professionalism comes some alienation from the earliest fanbase created.