Shining - 8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd LP (Black vinyl)


We all know Shining is a band the black metal community likes to shit on. Maybe it's deserved, maybe not, I don't care. I not huge on the band's later work, but I do like their first couple of albums and their compilation album "Through Years of Oppression", which features some of my favorite cover art.

That brings us to their next compilation album, "8 1/2 Feberdrommar I Vaket Tillstan". This is something different from the direction Shining has gone in last couple of years. It's distorted, haunting and reminiscent of the 2004ish era of the band. But, the best part of this album is the amazing lineup of guest vocalist, who all bring their own touch to the sound of Shining. It gives the overall album a weird atmosphere as you go through each artist's interpretation of the song they perform.

The album starts off slow and dreary and reaches a mid pace by the middle of the album. To start things off the first song Terres Des Anonymes features Famine of Peste Noire. Followed by a haunting performance by Attila of Mayhem on Szabadulj Meg Onmagatol. These two songs steal the show in my opinion, but that's not to discredit the rest of the album. There wasn't a song I disliked and it's easy to play the whole album start to finish. It also features Gaahl of Godseed and formally Gorgoroth, as well as Maniac of Mayhem and many other bands. Kvarforth only sings on the very last track, which was the last track on their previous compilation oddly enough.

This is a great mark on their discography in my book, it will probably be something I come back to occasionally I enjoyed it so much. If you enjoy Shining even on a casual level I suggest giving this album at least a playthrough. With the line up it has, there is something for a lot of black metal fans here.