Sentenced - Amok LP (gold/red vinyl)


Amok, Sentenced’s third full length release, is an album that reeks of pessimism and gloom, frustration and anger, sadness and pain. Every lyric, every note and every vocal line is a representation that reflects the negativity of this world. Sentenced is also one of those Metal bands that prove that quality does not necessarily equal heaviness and speed. For one, Amok isn’t a Death Metal album, nor is it even a Melodic DM album. This isn’t really Death Metal by any stretch of the word, with the exception of Jarva’s vocal delivery. The melodic, duel guitar passages found on the band’s previous releases, North From Here and The Trooper, were carried on to this record, put to use with near perfection and a flawless performance. However, this is in no way North From Here part II. If North From Here was more a less a record for the winter, with its cold, harsh sound, then Amok is definitely an album for the Spring or the Autumn. There is a general “warm” atmosphere that flows through out the tracks.