SARKE - Allsighr Gatefold-LP (Black Vinyl)

SARKE - Allsighr Gatefold-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Black vinyl, gatefold, printed innersleeve, including patch and A2 poster.

History aside, what’s Sarke like in 2021, on their 7th record? More Sarke than ever. And fresher than ever at the same time. First thing that needs to be stressed is the lineup. It has changed slightly since the previous album. There is a new drummer and also there is only one guitarist (the second one moved to being only a live member). And you know what? Both changes were probably for the better! It’s hard to describe the art Steinar Gundersen is doing in terms of riffs – catchy and heavy, and solos – also catchy, but very melodic. But good riffs can be wasted by boring drumming – this isn’t the case here. Even though Cato Bekkevold seemed like being only a session drummer at first, he fits Sarke almost perfectly.

On their 7th album, Sarke has raised the bar again, further developing their distinctive style, while making songwriting very fresh, even for the long-time fans who know them well. The professionalism, diversity and ambition of Allsighr make it the best part of Sarke’s discography… so far.

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