SARCASM - Mourninghoul Digi-2-CD
SARCASM - Mourninghoul Digi-2-CD
SARCASM - Mourninghoul Digi-2-CD
SARCASM - Mourninghoul Digi-2-CD
SARCASM - Mourninghoul Digi-2-CD
SARCASM - Mourninghoul Digi-2-CD

SARCASM - Mourninghoul Digi-2-CD

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Limited edition of 500 copies in a Digipack-2-CD with a 2nd CD that features SARCASM's demos from 1992-1994!

Sarcasm delivers a furious and energetic trip to the early days!

Multifaceted entertainment for sophisticated Death Metal freaks!

After a short lived reunion in 1997, they would come back into the fold in 2015 with a new re-designed version of their lineup.

Now they return with their new full-length album “Mourninghoul”.

With the new drummer Jesper Ojala the band has recorded their most dynamic and innovative album to date, while the band keeps evolving and raises the bar a notch on each album, the old catchiness and atmosphere is still recognizable.

The essence of the band is Death Metal but listening to the album closely and open-mindedly, many dimensions unfold, and indeed the album feels like a journey and explores many elements and emotions of extreme metal.

And that was the intention because like the last album, “Mourninghoul” is also concept-based.

It’s about a two-minded ghoul and it’s journey through its miserable existence on Earth and the deepest abyss, the lyrical structure is like a conversation the ghoul is having with its higher inner being with answers coming through on its journey as its universe expands, with lots of symbolism and metaphors thrown in till its final realization. Sarcasm does not write lyrics like others, while the musical side of the band is very strong, their unique lyrical style alone makes the band stand out from the rest.

• Limited edition of 500 2-CD with an extra disc featuring the Sarcasm demos from the 90’s

• One of the oldest still active extreme Metal bands from Sweden, with a huge cult following worldwide

• Fits right in with other Cult bands as Necrophobic, Unanimated, Dawn, Eucharist and Dissection

• High priority release on Hammerheart Records for April 2024, with all guns blazing on promotion and marketing

• Artwork by Armaada Arts (Phlebotomized, Aborted, Pyrexia)