RAZOR - Evil Invaders LP (Black Vinyl)

RAZOR - Evil Invaders LP (Black Vinyl)

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Vinylly available again on vinyl, Razor’s legendary second full-length “Evil Invaders” from 1985!

“We spit on those who choose to pose, we thrash with all the rest…” As one of the world’s more prevalent Thrash acts, Canada’s Razor never compromised their sound, never changed it for something newer or more hip, and are one of the most respected of their genre. There’s something very gratifying about such simplistic, bashing music.

Razor are the Canadian thrashing machine, and this was their sophomore effort, and it fucking rules. There is nothing modernistic or trendy about “Evil Invaders”, as it is more or less the antithesis of what is widely considered “good music” - it’s raw, dirty, grimy stuff with a razor-sharp, crunchy guitar tone and a yammering, punk-ish style of vocals that fit the music like a glove. The solos are fast, sloppy, and shredding and the song structures are basic and bare-boned, but the clincher here is...it all works! This is one of the most completely and utterly metal albums you might have heard in a long time!

It’s simple - Razor just know how to thrash and they get right to the point. No bullshit interludes, no ballads, no intros or outros, no flirting with other genres, nothing.

Razor’s music will never be well-liked by the non-metal community, but that just makes it all the better; a treasure that is all ours and one that we’ll never have to give up to the mainstream masses. This is the essence of metal, and I can’t see why someone who likes thrash metal or heavy metal in general in the slightest would object to “Evil Invaders”. Essential.

Mandatory to own on vinyl for anyone into: Thrash Metal in general but think: Slayer, Dark Angel, Exodus, Sodom, Kreator

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