Pungent Stench - Master Of Moral - Servants Of Sin 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Don’t let the groove-lovers blurr your judgement, this one hell of a reunion album!

When it came to my ears that Pungent Stench had reunited I was afraid that they’d release an album like Club Mono Bizarre, filled with decent but rather monotone rocking groove. Fortunately the band decided to write and record an album which incorporated all styles they’d played in the nineties.

In contrast to an earlier masterpiece like Been Caught Buttering this time one cannot describe some songs as just fast (except for opener “Loot, Shoot, Electrocute”) or slow. The paces within songs are all over the place and the band presents us some very dynamic but compact songs.

It is very hard to name some best songs here, since all the songs do have their own specific qualities and highly memorable moments. Mostly I prefer to play “Loot, Shoot, Electrocute” and “Rex Paedophilus” because I can’t stop banging my head to these songs but in all honesty the entire album is of consistent quality.