Pungent Stench - Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats LP (Black vinyl)


Musically, this album carries that traditional Pungent Stench sound. It has this guttural density to it, but for this one it's been cleaned up a bit since the Been Caught Buttering days so you can tell what the riffs are most of the time instead of losing them in a sludge of distortion. The one thing that's a bit different on this album is they've lost a bit of their groove. 'True Life' and 'I'm a Family Man', for example, have these rather long openings to them that sound closer to hard rock than typical Stench. The latter, for example, is really dreadful. But the majority of the tracks have their own sound to them. One thing I've always liked about these guys are the drums. They don't rely too heavily on blast beats or double bass rumbles, but instead throw out some really cool, grooving patterns that fit the overall style and theme a lot more than most bands can pull off. This album really showcases that kind of drumming. Some of the riff work on this isn't as hot as previous albums, but it still has that classic sound to it and some of the songs, like 'Hyrocephalus' and 'In Search of the Perfect Torture' have some awesome segments that really get your blood moving.