Protector - Golem LP (Black vinyl)


Protector was one of the heaviest bands from Germany during the 80's. Their early recordings were among the most extreme in the 80's thrash scene, and often leaned a bit toward death metal. After releasing the Misanthropy EP in 1987, a year later Protector released their official debut, which remains one of the most intense thrash metal albums. It also contains many elements of the future death metal scene that was to rise in the future. 1988 was the year in which thrash metal reached its most extreme tempos, with albums like Serpent Temptation from Incubus, Illusions from Sadus, Malleus Maleficarum from Pestilence, and Golem from Protector surpassing virtually everything thrash had done in the years prior in terms of speed and aggression, each one with a certain proto-death metal touch. In addition several other bands such as Vio-Lence, Razor, Bulldozer, Legion of Death, and Dorsal Atlântica released extremely fast thrash metal albums, make the brutal year of 1988 unsurpassed in terms of brutality for thrash, and my favorite year in music. All of these albums were also executed with a decent level of musicianship. Golem In particular was a very heavy album for that year and remains a masterpiece of extreme proto-death/thrash, and also one of my favorite thrash metal albums.