Obscure Burial - Obscure Burial LP (white vinyl)


When one hears the term "Finnish death metal", weird, alternate sounds come to mind, with examples ranging from Demilich to Lubricant, Purtenance to Demigod and so on. This little demon packed with controlled anger is something else, though. It shows a step out of the box, from our first judgemental eyes/ears and into a branch that seems to be slowly growing (again). Look at their pointy logo, the burning trident on one side and the blasphemous inverted cross held by a disgusting, devilish hand in stabbing or hailing motion on the other. Look at their black and white, graveyard shots, and finally, Epiphany's cover art. An anthropomorphic horned creature, praising the classic "as above, so below" sign, coming out of what appears to be a coffin and a door into the uttermost darkness, surrounded by countless larvae. It's shockingly appealing, and it gives you a clue of what you're going to be worshiping sooner than later.