Obscura - Omnivium 2-LP (Yellow vinyl)


Obscura's 2011 release "Omnivium" is without a doubt one of the best releases from the band and truly showcases why this band, its members, and releases have become staples of the technical death metal world. 

Obscura is no stranger to technicality as they've showed with their past releases (especially on their 2009 release Cosmogenesis) but they really went for more than sheer technicality with Omnivium. Omnivium contains just as many beautiful acoustic sections as well as clean vocal sections as it does sweeps and blast beats. The clean vocals done by Steffen ran through a vocoder on such tracks as Prismal Dawn and Celestial Spheres give the listener a sense of euphoria and beauty while tracks such as Ocean Gateways and Vortex Omnivium still broadcast that sheer death metal brutality that brings in many listeners in the first place