Obscura - Retribution LP (Bone White vinyl)


Technical death metal can be broadly classified into two types; one, where the “death” dominates while the other being where the jazz influences govern the sound and the technical aspects override song construction. Number of bands playing the former is definitely much more. This band contributes to the latter category, and one couldn’t have imagined or asked for a better auxiliary. 

This is the German outfit’s first full length entitled “Retribution”, and I can assure you that these young shoulders definitely have a wise head. Very rarely we see such maturity and petulance. This sensational achievement comprises 10 songs and a cover of Death’s “Lack of Comprehension”, amounting to about 45 minutes of music. They take Death’s style of complex transitional passages & melodic guitar work, add Cynic’s professionalism & jazz influences, give it its fair share of Cryprtopsy’s brutality, and create a masterpiece in the genre.