Obituary - The End Complete LP (Transparant Yellow vinyl)


2018 re-issue with two live tracks as bonus.

It was hard for Obituary to release another top album after the uncontrollable fury united to the twisted atmospheres of one of the most representative and astonishing albums in death metal and not only; we are talking about Cause Of Death obviously. It was hard and even if they partially failed, this new The End Complete is a fucking good album. It’s quite different anyway from the predecessor in terms of production and atmosphere most of all, but not so if we are talking about the music: it’s always Obituary style death metal, plus in their finest hour!

If in Cause Of Death the main atmosphere was for the intros to the songs, here is from the guitars only. Let me explain: the morbidity in Cause Of Death was also thanks to the inhuman, rotten riffs by the guitars obviously, but in this new effort they lost completely those intros to focus the attention on the sheer guitars heaviness. Their sound here reached the top for malevolence, filthiness with that muddy distortion that made Obituary so famous. Already from a sick opener like “I’m In Pain” we have no doubt about how the CD will be from here ‘till the end.

The atmosphere is murky, rotten and the tempos are really suffocating. Some parts show already some more groovy tempos that would have been lately developed in the following World Demise. The up tempo parts are perfectly balanced with more technical and intricate sections with plenty of doom, rotten riffs. The drumming is perfect and violent enough with that unmistakable way of playing by Tardy. The sound of his drums is clear cut and really essential. In “Back To One” his brother at the vocals is a real animal. He’s the best singer in death metal in this period along with Frank from Suffocation, in my opinion.