Novembre - Materia CD


Novembre have created another stunning masterpiece here, adding to the previous three, while being a bit different from their previous releases. The most distinct change is perhaps there are very little growling vocals here. I have always liked Carmello Orlando's growling vocals, but Novembre has always seemed like a band that would eventually stray away from that. His clean vocals are so good that they really need to be used more, and they can be very diverse in themselves. There are many self-harmonizations with overdub, and everything from soft, heartfelt lulling, like in the middle portion of "Memoria Stoica" and in "Geppetto," to incredibly powerful, emotional singing, such as the chorus in "Comedia," the beginning of "Aquamarine," and in "The Promise." Also, there are many more lyrics in Italian than ever before. I really love when the lyrics are in Italian, bands should sing in their native tongue more often, it seems more authentic.