NECROPHOBIC - Bloodhymns LP (Black Vinyl)
NECROPHOBIC - Bloodhymns LP (Black Vinyl)

NECROPHOBIC - Bloodhymns LP (Black Vinyl)

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Swedish Death Metal remastered re-issue!
180 grams black vinyl

Necrophobic is one of the most important Swedish death metal bands. They’ve always used extremity in the same way with melody and that made them so special. Their re-issued album, “Bloodhymns” is what we were all expecting from this band, an album full of wrath and melody and that is what exactly “Bloodhymns” is. From the first song to the last you will hear original swedish metal with great guitarwork, excellent production and great ideas. This is propably one of the best Swedish death metal album of the first decade of the 21st Century. Excellent!

For fans of: Entombed, Slayer, Dark Funeral, Dissection, Grave, Dismember, Obituary, Amon Amarth

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