My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans 2-LP (Black vinyl)


I die inside every time I hear this album, listening to this album brings back so many emotions and memories that at times becomes hard to bear. This album was the start of it all for me. Turn Loose the Swans was the first doom metal album I ever purchased, I was with my brother at a CD Trade Post a few years ago and he gave me a spending limit, I quickly filled it up but had enough room for one more CD, I wasn't sure what to get I already had nine cds by bands such as Misery Index, Hypocrisy, Meshuggah, and Darkthrone among others, bands I already owned albums of and knew quite well but this one album sparked my interest, the cover and the logo got my attention, I couldn't think of what other album to get so on impulse I decided to pick this one, Turn Loose the Swans..