My Dying Bride - Trinity CD


This album is surely something you can call unique. Its outside of the normal work of My Dying Bride. Which in itself is not a bad thing at all. Anyone who loved "As the Flower Withers" should love this album aswell. It is just as dark and slow. Other then the fact that the quality is not as good as on " As the Flower Withers" it is still a great album for a fan that loves hearing every kind of My Dying Bride ever released.

Though it is a fact that the riffs on this album are a lot less catchy and easyer compared to other albums. But the difficulty of the music isn't what makes music better or worse. Its the feeling behind it.

And if it's something this album has its feeling and emotion. I'd advice for anyone that is severly depressed or suffers from bi-polarity to not listen to this album to much as it is really depressed. Especially when reading the exellent lyrics together with the music.