My Dying Bride - As The Flower Withers CD


When it comes to My Dying Bride, the band have obviously released a number of masterpieces over the years, so choosing one is quite difficult. However, as a death metal fan, I've always been particularly partial to the band's 1992 debut, "As the Flower Withers". While almost all My Dying Bride albums feature at least dashes of death metal, "As the Flower Withers" remains the band's only pure death metal album (or pure death-doom, if you prefer). However, many classic trademarks of the My Dying Bride sound are still apparent - a couple of the tracks use violins, and the lyrics have a certain dark, gothic, very "literary" quality that has long-since become one of the band's trademarks. I suppose, in a way, that this is what makes the album so special to me. It manages to perfectly capture the extremity and power that is synonymous with classic, old school death metal, but does so by utilizing its own methods and creating a unique, unsettling atmosphere that, while in keeping with the traditions of the genre, is wholly original and practically unique to this album.