Moonsorrow - Kivenkantaja Digi-CD


Combining the talent, the artistic vision, the production, and the instrumentation, this album deserves a perfect score of 10/10!

When a group of brilliantly talented people like Moonsorrow get together and compose an album like “Kivenkantaja”, it leaves very little to wonder as to why they are the most popular and possibly the greatest Folk Metal band in existence. The scope of their genius and talent is endless, and the result of such is this brilliant, totally beautiful and magical experience called “Kivenkantaja”. Comprising of epic ambiance through synths, tasteful production and an array of beautifully written and played guitar/pipe sections that completely capture the essence of their mastery, utilising every key element of the most beloved moments of their past.

We use the phrase “Words cannot describe” a hell of a lot, we are aware. However, we just cannot escape the fact that Metal in itself has so much more than anything else to offer in the ways of mind-blowing masterpieces, and Moonsorrow’s “Kivenkantaja” is yet another offering in this category, and to describe this is to say “words cannot describe this fully”. You must experience this album to know of its greatness before you can use words to convey it.

You will enjoy this if you like: Finntroll, Thyrfing, Falkenbach, Kampfar, Wintersun