Moonsorrow - V- Hävitetty Digi-CD


This is the way folk metal is meant to be done! With two half-hour epics to offer, this is ravishing proof of just how ambitious, just how goddamned fucking awe-inspiring Moonsorrow can be!

Moonsorrow has gained an incredibly strong fanbase as well as garnered thundrous ovations of praise, and for good reason. Their sound is very pure, their production is top-notch, their musical technique is masterfully tight and their concepts are mighty and epic. With each album Moonsorrow continues to improve in all the aforementioned areas, with some extremely bold shifts especially in the area of concept. Their songs have been growing longer while still remaining attention-grabbing. This idea came to a head for their fifth release, “Viides Luku - Hävitetty”, which translates “Chapter Five - Ravaged”. There are only two songs on this album, but with a total playing time of over 56 minutes. This alone would make a first-time listener very skeptical. Understandably so, because whenever a move like this had been done in the past, the results were uniformly catastrophic.

While the previous Moonsorrow albums had a very folky, rollicking bombast to them, this recording takes on a much darker tone, using for its main themes the type of composing that would only be employed in short interludes in prior material.

The high points on this album are definitely the increased sense of musical direction and theme, the stately advance towards longer compositions and the integrity of the guests, which include Thomas Väänänen of Thyrfing. One distraction may still be the lengthy compositions, for to enjoy this album requires at least a half-hour of listening commitment. All in all, it gives absolutely every indication that the band is growing artistically.

You will enjoy this if you like: Finntroll, Thyrfing, Falkenbach, Kampfar, Wintersun