MGLA - Mdlosci/Further Down The Nest LP (Black vinyl)


Hands down, this is THE QUINTESSENTIAL modern black metal listening experience, as it encompasses and codifies the genre's base elements into a cohesive whole. Sonically, its nature is of the raw and melodic, like true black metal should be, and yet, it is stiflingly oppressive in its framework... all the while maintaining a dismal, but haunting, atmosphere. And that is why M+FDtN succeeds; M purifies the best of what black metal currently has to offer, much like a Scotch single malt pot still, and then ages it the in charred oak cask of black metal's past. M has also managed to evoke the glory of a militant, imperalist march ensnared in the jaws of the fiercest violence and misanthropic blood-lust without the failing of sounding overtly contrived or self-indulgent. Perhaps this is as close to perfection as any one black metal release can get, in my opinion, and I suppose it makes sense that only 4 tracks are to be found here. The reason for this is that Mdlosci + Further Down the Nest is a compilation CD that represents two brilliant, albeit short, previously released vinyl EPs.