Mercyful Fate - Into The Unknown Picture-LP


That's at least what most of this album is, typical, good ol' Mercyful Fate. After a quite different sound on the reunion album and a very different, more melodic direction that was taken for 'Time', the band finally gets raw again, more spontanious and much more aggressive, with occult matters once again put into the lyrics. This is unholy Fate right here, kids. Very cool intro, once you hear this, you know that the evilness is back. After the intro fades.....BANG!....'The Uninvited Guest' blasts through the speakers, a quite furious tune, though soft at certain points. The story that this song tells is just wicked. Next up is 'The Ghost Of Change', a great song with a very, very catchy melody to it. Probably one of the band's best. 'Listen To The Bell' is an average song, decent but not too memorable. Ok, now here's something a bit different...'Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum)....a change in style. Not the symphonic type of change that was heard on 'Time', but mostly due to the lyrics is what makes it different. It's a tale about pirates (Running Wild anyone?) at sea when a voyage goes dreadfully wrong. Still, this is a VERY good track. The title song is a bit weak, it has its high points, especially at the chorus but most of it is pretty forgetable after the first listen. Then we have the crazy ass riffage of 'Under The Spell', another one of their most underrated songs. I mean, this song is just fucking amazing, everything from the riffs, to the lyrics, to the chorus. It just kills! Next we have a bedtime...err...deatime story. 'Deadtime', the intro is an evil parody of the 'little red riding hood' tale, and a very decent track follows after that. Now it's time for Mercyful Fate to go back to their roots with 'Holy Water', the best song on here. Pure, unholy metal here, done in their 80s style. The band really went back in time with this one, and not to mention that the chorus is one of the best ever!...."I don't want that holy water, it makes me burn! I don't want that holy water, I guess I'll never learn. I'd rather drink from the Devil's well, and then I'll go to Hell"....what a killer song. As for the last, 'Kutulu (The Mad Arab pt. 2), is a strong number, better than 'The Mad Arab' from time. It's not too different in style, just overall better.