Merauder - Master Killer LP (Black vinyl)


Classic album !!!

While Master Killer may strongly resemble other albums of the day on terms of style, especially Burn My EyesChaos A.D., and State of the World Address, It handles that style with more basic, naked, savage rage and sternness than those other albums. Also, their songwriting, while still solid, isn't as instantly memorable, or as ambitious as those albums, but for a solid half-hour offering of bruiser groove that drives anger into excess this is still a strong offering. There's a mighty, angry, weighty sway to this whole thing that's hard to resist. There's also some very powerful, dire, and memorable choruses that practically beg for audience shout-along participation even when playing on a dinky personal stereo. I find myself returning to this album quite often, especially if I want something mighty and loud to blare when I feel like taking charge. Master Killer gets it's grip around you and delivers a no-holds-barred beatdown that will make you feel like dominating a thousand bloodied enemies.