Memoriam ‎– For The Fallen LP (Black Vinyl)


Though the old school metal fan will fancy this more than the modern tech death or slam death fan, I foresee For the Fallen will probably be among this years top 10 death metal releases by 2017's end, and I state that with enough confidence even though it's only April. Quite an Easter egg this one… more like a hand grenade exploding into your face! The equilibrium between being a soulful tribute and a warring and well-greased mean machine has yielded good results for Memoriam, and I do hope it encourages them to carry on and produce more, as they have proven again they remain more than capable and relevant in today's death metal battlefield. I'm also sure the late “Kiddy” Kearns proudly gives the horns in metal netherworld's hall of fallen comrades as he listens to this amazing album.