Marduk - Nightwing gatefold-LP (Green Marble vinyl)


Re-issue, 500 copies ultra-clear with green marble 12" (180g), gatefold cover, full-color on 350g, gloss lamination.

Vlad Dracul III the impaler. That's right, the real transylvanian nightmare and the inspiration for Bram Stokers character and now a brilliant vampiric concept album. However rather than dress the story up in juvenille erotica and fantasy like some pretentious UK acts that shall go nameless, Marduk address the far more gruesome truths of his story. And do so with a degree of intelligence that you would have thought impossible for an act that only a year later released an album famed for its brutallity and narrow mindedness.

What Marduk have created is a record seamlessly blending, focused blasting hooky black metal and intelligent, dark and meditave atmospheres.

The album opens with an intro track that sounds like a dying symphony before launching into blasting fury with three of the best Marduk tracks recorded; Including Slay the Nazarene, a live favourite of the band and audiences alike, with its raging riffing and throat tearing chorus. These songs are only loosely connected with the main concept of the album however, which begins with the title track.

What follows is simply jaw dropping dark brooding black metal of the highest order. Reading through the lyrics is a haunting expierience in itself as Legion grates and growls his way through the historical horrors of the man's life.

We get tempo changes (Within the songs themselves!) and thundering drums galore as they thunder onwards through hookfests like Kaziklu Bey and the more atmospheric and mid-tempo songs such as Dracole Wayda. But anyone feeling concerned that this album sounds too mixed up with its straight up black metal and mid tempo material, as well as its half concept album style, need not be so. In fact this album is neither boring and is in-fact the most focused of all Marduks albums with Legion on vocals. The production which is always a point of great disscusion in black metal is solid and layered yet not over produced and digitally crisp such as on World Funeral. Organic if you like.

In conclusion: Every song is memorable, all the lyrics are meaningful and passionate. A text book form of focused song writting being both epic and brutal at the same time.