Limbonic Art - Epitome Of Illusions Digi-CD


Shipping starts mid March 2019.

It is a widely known fact that Limbonic Art’s “Epitome of Illusions” didn’t contain new material when it came out, but consisted of re-recorded tracks from Limbonic Art’s demos.

So it is a release that is pretty much overlooked, which is a sad thing, as it has every right to stand as the band’s third full-length album. There are two reasons for this: first, the music on here is just as excellent as we have come to expect from Morfeus & Daemon. Second, “Epitome of Illusions” perfectly bridges the gap between Limbonic Art’s first two albums and their later works.

Of all Limbonic Art albums, “Epitome of Illusions” features the most equal balance between the two dominant elements in Limbonic Art’s sound, keyboards and guitars. This is perfectly clear from the opening track on, when an excellent eerie intro with keyboards, a thunderstorm and croaking ravens is suddenly torn to pieces by guitars, drums and a powerful black metal scream, all kicking in at the same time. The song as a whole is a perfect example for the entire album, as it often switches between atmospheric parts and brutal black metal assaults. Which does not mean you always know what’s lurking around the corner, as there’s a lot of variation within the individual sections as well.

There’s really an amazing lot of details in the music, as well as frequent changes in the (very good) keyboard melodies and guitar riffs, but at the same time the album is not as chaotic as usual and more transparent than any other Limbonic Art release so far, which also makes it their most accessible work. Together with the equal balance of the music’s defining elements, its easy accessibility makes “Epitome of Illusions” the perfect choice for people new to the band.

Needed for fans of: Emperor, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir