Limbonic Art - Ad Noctem - Dynasty Of Death Digi-CD


Shipping starts mid March 2019.

How can we even begin to describe the greatness that is found in Limbonic Art’s “Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death”?

“Ad Noctum...” is definitely the band’s best work and it will never be dethroned. For starters, it has all the best ingredients of an extreme metal album. It’s heavy as fuck, the dark and pulsing atmosphere is prevelant throughout, the lyrics are interesting and catchy, and the songwriting shows that the band really put a lot of time into this. There’s lots of variety going on and as far as performance goes Daemon and Morfeus are really at their best here.

“Ad Noctum...” is best defined as the band’s “bridge” album since it combines the epic, symphonic. and catchy elements of the previous albums along with the brutal, abrasive, and spacey nature of later albums. This is one of those albums where the the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, because the end product sounds truly amazing. The sound on this album is big. Considering how many of these songs are astronomy-themed, Limbonic Art could not have done a better job providing the music for this type of setting. You could probably say that the keyboards are the seasoning while the guitars, drums, and vocals act as the main course. Daemon’s vocals are at their best here.

The tracks on Ad Noctum are amazing and there are no fillers here. They’re meaty and filled with tons of twists and variety. Every little element here is congruent with the next, creating a product of supreme excellence. We are sure many of you have heard many different symphonic Black Metal bands, but “Ad Noctum: Dynasty of Death” is tough to really categorize. It’s something else completely it is awesome!

Needed for fans of: Emperor, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir