KRIEGSMASCHINE - Altered States Of Divinity LP (Black Vinyl)

KRIEGSMASCHINE - Altered States Of Divinity LP (Black Vinyl)

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Great album, the vocals sound a little bit like Galder via Old Man's Child now Dimmu Borgir. The production is a little bit raw but still the riffs are monumental. Especially for a first LP. I'm really liking this band from the get-go. I'm not too fond of black metal but there are some exceptions. This one definitely is I'm glad I was referred to this band. They are balls-out awesome. The music is what's my most memorable moments and the vocals mixed with them. The drums were mixed in good here, too. From start to finish I have no complaints. This album was release 15 years ago and I'm bringing it alive again.

To black metal lovers, they've probably been made aware of this band years ago, but only 2 feedbacks on it. Now this is a third. I look forward to more LP's in the future. They do have a 2018 release, but I haven't heard it yet. Been busy blasting away at the past. This is a great debut album and I'm sure most of their albums are to this caliber of total awesome music. The album is about 37 minutes in length but I enjoyed every moment of it! The raw sound is pretty killer making the whole atmosphere killer as well. I'll have to tune in to their more recent material, absolutely! The one blew my hair back though.