Konkhra - Alpha And The Omega Digi-CD


Ships mid October 2019!

The comeback album of 2019! After ten years Denmark’s loudest band returns to form!

Formed in 1989, the Danish death metal band Konkhra had quite a run, releasing six studio albums, a live album, and a handful of other shorter releases from 1990 through 2009 and then the machine ground to a halt. However, now ten years later, Konkhra have revived and the current line-up dates back to the recordings of the early and mid-90’s.

Their comeback album, “Alpha and the Omega”, has been scheduled for release by Hammerheart Records on October 18th, and so far two tracks have been launched for streaming. As promised above, both of them will give your neck a damned good workout.

These two songs are what the comeback of 2019 is all about: “Thoth” has a solemn, ecclesiastical opening composed of reverent choral voices, and although that soaring vocal harmony persists, it’s soon joined by bursts of thunderous bass and battering drums and thus the neck-wrecking begins. When the guitar joins in, the music resembles machine-gun fire, although the song shifts again into brutish pile-driving chords and squealing string mutilation, and then a frenzy of blasting drums and seething riffage. The vocals are cavernous and monstrous, adding to the song’s grim mood. And while mystical keyboard shimmers come in to amplify the music’s occult aura, the titanic grooves and automatic weaponry return as well. The second song, “Babylon“, is also punishingly groovesome and maniacally destructive. It will do a fine job jackhammering your skull into bleeding fragments and then make mincemeat of whatever’s left. The track is also home to warped, slithering and shrieking guitar solos, and other demented guitar accents, which add to the track’s feeling of murderous yet ecstatic derangement. It’s an electrifying romp that hits with powerhouse force.

Hammerheart recommends the new album for fans of Entombed, Gorefest, Machine Head, and Testament