Katatonia - Tonight's Decision CD


This is the turning point in Katatonia's career, the true beginning of the alternative influenced records, (even though the 'melodic doom metal' of Discouraged Ones is still present), and a contender for best work of theirs, all at the same time. How's that for a transitional album?

The songwriting is more dynamic and varied, and while most songs follow the verse-chorus-verse pattern, the droning, repetitive song structures are gone. The production is sharp, and more polished than ever before, making a lot less evident the presence of (doom) metal riffs, and removing the dreamy, dense guitar wall of sound of the previous work. The heavier riffs are still there, but in a somehow reduced amount, with the guitars playing mostly open chords. The leads are cleaner, with a more streamlined but more sorrowful feel to them. Despite the guitar work being more influenced by alternative rock this time, it sounds distorted, hard-edged, and still quite heavy.