Katatonia - For Funerals To Come CD


'For Funerals to Come' is the third release from the masters of melancholy. Timely it belongs to the older era of Katatonia between 'Dance of December Souls' and 'Brave Murder Day'. Musically it's clearly an updated version of 'Dance of December Souls'. Blackheim shows some really great guitarwork here. The leads are melancholy yet beautiful and sound even hopeful at times, which is really strange from Katatonia. His riffs aren't as minimalistic as on 'Brave Murder Day' though. There are some quite complex ones on 'Funeral Wedding' and melodic riffs are riddled throughout the songs. Even Le Huche has a spot to play an intricate bassline.

But the most important ingredient is found on this EP, the Katatonia atmosphere. The thick feeling of despair and melancholy that haunts all of their albums. While 'Shades of Emerald Fields' has some groovier points the atmosphere is still clearly there. And it is even more emphasized by the forlorn screeches and growls of either/both Blackheim and/or Renkse (according to their homesite both do vocals and the booklet doesn't say) and the melancholic choirish singing of what I believe is both Blackheim and Renkse. The screeches aren't as monotonic as on 'Dance of December Souls'. Whoever does them has managed to add much feeling into them. Also Renkse's clean vocals aren't the howling vocals of the later albums but more like just normal singing. The two actual songs are clearly driven onwards by Blackheim's masterful guitaring. Vocals aren't even present most of the time so Katatonia let's the music speak for itself.