JUDICATOR - The Last Emperor Digi-CD

JUDICATOR - The Last Emperor Digi-CD

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Think Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Visigoth.

The Last Emperor is Judicator’s fourth album and somehow, they keep getting better. The first two albums were great, At the Expense of Humanity represented a new level for them, and The Last Emperor is somehow even better in almost every way. This is exactly the kind of album you want to see from a band at this point in their career. It takes their established sound and builds on it with improved production, even better riffs, more variation in tempo and adds acoustic guitar for a fuller and more developed album. The real kicker is that Judicator probably have not even reached their ceiling yet. This album is fantastic in every way and it is hard to imagine how the next one could be even better but somehow, they will find a way. They always do.