Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth LP (Black vinyl)


What was known as Totem became Jex Thoth, and is now offering the retroistic world of doom and gloom with a very open-minded and an atmospheric release. The eerie opening passages of the record lead us down the path to the revered and plentiful creative stream of the seventies. 

Progressive and bluesy tendencies of such acts as Blue Cheer, Curved Air are brought to one's mind. There are even spatial but acidic reminders of King Crimson, at best very modest, though. Jex Thoth belongs roughly to the pack formed by Witchcraft, Burning Saviours, sharing the same retroistic approach and reverence towards the decade of Sabbath. In the modern scheme, the soundscapes this debut album utilizes, resemble those of Witchcult Today of the mighty Electric Wizard.