Immolation - Failures For Gods LP (Black vinyl)


“Failures for Gods” is the name of Immolation’s third record, which came out after 11 years or so of spawning obscure death metal devoted to the vile and malicious. You can start seeing some glimpses of maturity in the band’s sound, this time songs got a little longer and even better coined composition wise. Their brutal onslaught remains fast and vicious as hell but there are some changes, like the incorporation of more slow and mid paced passages and some other gimmicks like the inclusion of some clean guitars in the title track, that slays as always. Something I like about Immolation’s music is precisely that it doesn’t rely on the defying guitar distortions to sound evil, If you take those melodies and play them clean they would still sound like the whispers from the left hand path, fucking satanic.