Heavy Load - Death Or Glory LP & CD (Black vinyl)


Remastered directly from the original analogue Tapes by the Wahlquist Brothers.
Gatefold Lp with 8p Booklet on 180g Black Vinyl plus Bonus CD with Unreleased Track.

In fact, if I had to choose a single Heavy Load record to recommend that best represented their sound, this would be my first selection, a strong balance of pure 80s thunder and epic arrangements that might have competed in the same arena as Battle Hymns or Metal on Metal, if not for the limited accessibility the Swedes suffered from having to release the music themselves.

The Swedes retained a bit of their theatrical edge with the use of melodic, layered backing vocals and song structures that play out almost like tributes to the Sagas.

The track "Trespasser" is another unsung classic here, with more of those choppy, mean melodic guitar chugs that would have been huge if they were on Kill 'Em All (though the chorus here is admittedly a fraction too loud), and a few psychotic effects that give it almost this Hawkwind meets Diamond Head sci-fi feel that jives well with the apocalyptic lyrics.