Gorguts - The Erosion Of Sanity LP (Orange/Blue Marble vinyl)


Limited to 500 copies. Includes lyric insert.

After releasing a fantastic debut in the form of Considered Dead, Gorguts still felt theyhad something more to prove with their sophomore album. Few could have predicted just how big a step up 1993's The Erosion Of Sanity would prove to be, but Gorguts made progress in leaps and bounds. Their sophomore release was the last album they put out that was still firmly routed in the old school death metal genre, and is often considered to be a staple of the genre. It showcases everything that made their debut so good, but generally feels just a little tighter, from the vocals to the riffs to the song structures.

The guitar work on The Erosion Of Sanity is some of the best you will find anywhere in death metal. The squealing pinched harmonics are all over the place in the title track to add a nice dimension to that particular song, whereas Dormant Misery makes great use of an acoustic introduction before it cuts into the brutality in great fashion. The riffs here are not the constant tremolo picking that many old school death metal bands decided to make use of, but instead they show off a good level of technical ability. Orphans Of Sickness has some really fast chord based playing as it progresses that show off the technical side of the band really well.