Gorgoroth - Under The Sign Of Hell 2011 LP (Black vinyl)


It is everything I love about the genre, it is evil, raw, angry, uncaring and original. This would be Gorgoroth's magnum opus as they have yet to top this one. It managed to not only easily surpass Antichrist in musicianship and brutality but it even passes Pentagram in the same aspect. Everyone is on top of their game here. Pest would never sound any more evil or vicious as he does here, his performance on" Revelation Of Doom" and" Blood Stains the Circle" are blood curdling, especially on "Blood Stains the Circle", he sounds as if he is slowly going insane the longer the song goes on. Pest shows just how powerful and diverse of a vocalist he is on" Profetens Upenbaring" where he mixes his evil snarls and screams with an operatic sounding clean voice.