Gorgoroth - Quantos Possunt Ad Sananitatem Trahunt CD


Gorgoroth, one of the most satanic Norwegian black metal bands, has made their 8th offering (to Satan), "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt". After three albums with Gaahl and King ov Hell, we now have the old Gorgoroth back. It's been a while since Gorgoroth didn't sound like themselves, but don't worry guys, the old Gorgoroth is back. Well, sort of...

Well, the music sounds like old Gorgoroth, though this isn't their best work. Their earlier albums have more emotion in it, being darker, chaotic and eerier, while this album is more melancholic in nature. The riffs are still minimalist, but more melancholic, more melodic and generally slower, unlike their former works. The drums are simple compared to their former works. Blast beats aren't that present in the album, unlike before. The vocals, of course, are a big change since it's Pest who is on charge on it now. His vocal performance is just simply amazing. His vocals still sound like the ones on "Under the Sign of Hell". Now the production. It is somewhat polished like the Gaahl-era Gorgoroth, and one primary reason why this can never sound like the good old days, though this isn't much of a concern for me, for the production, as far as i know fits the songs as a whole. I think this is a new beginning for the band, for this album, though sounding like old Gorgoroth, has something new in store for their listeners. Truly splendid.

Overall, this is, nonetheless, a great album. Although it doesn't match up to "Antichrist", this is still one heck of a Gorgoroth album. Each song in this album will never disappoint you in every way possible. You won't regret getting this one!