Finntroll - Visor Om Slutet LP (Green Vinyl)


Acoustic, experimental trollish and atmospheric soundtrack of the forest!

Obviously, this record is a bit different than the other Finntroll records, being acoustic Folk instead of Folk Metal. However, Finntroll proves to be able to make a magnificent piece of work on this way as well.

A thing that needs to be mentioned is that “Visor Om Slutet “ was recorded in a cabin a forest near Helsinki, Finland. It’s the last record Teemu “Somnium” Raimoranta (RIP) was on. Also for Jan “Katla” Jämsen this was his last record. He stopped doing vocals for Finntroll because of the tumor in his vocal cords, but continued writing lyrics.

But now over to the music.Instead of electric guitars, this Finntroll release contains a lot of synthesizers and keyboards and Folk instruments.

In some songs, like “Under Varje Rot Och Sten” for example, this can create a really big atmosphere, which makes the folk instruments come to their rights. There’s a lot of variation in this release, sudden transitions from jumpy folk lines to dark ambient music make it very interesting to listen to.

For fans of: Storm, Vintersorg, Isengard, Falkenbach, Bathory