Evangelist - Doominicanes Digi-CD


Limited to 500 copies!

If a metal band is widely loved, then before long there will be countless imitators. And inevitably, many of those imitators will focus on the sound, forgetting the songwriting entirely. Evangelist have seen the current state of epic doom, in need of salvation. They are in partibus infidelium, in the place of the unfaithful. They're wearing suits, knocking at your door. They have a pamphlet, and want to talk to you about the Good News of the Church of Candlemass.

The mysterious Polish collective have the sound covered. It's like Candlemass, of course. But with modern technology and a stronger focus on a robust bass tone, it's even better than ever. The vocals are somewhat similar as well, although they're the thing that's most obviously distinct from the Swedish legends.