Entrails - Rise Of The Reaper LP (Black vinyl)


Black Vinyl. Includes download code and poster.

Brutal Swedish death metal in the vein of Entombed, though this one has a little more insane vocals. The guitars are heavy and the atmosphere totally grim, dark, depressing. This is one of their heavier releases. The old school Entrails reflected solely that of Entombed, almost a replica. But now it seems like they're venturing away from their roots and coming into their own. 'World Inferno' is a combination of growling/screaming, insane guitars, pounding drums and furious tempos. The production quality on this is quite good. I think it does the band justice in that department, more so than past releases.

The music on this release is probably the highlight of the album. There are just so many fluctuations in the guitar riffs but the Swedish vibe is stil there. I think that they really did a good job in all areas. A fluctuation between vocal styles but the death metal never ceases to amaze me. I'm surprised not many people have found this band. I found them by accident. But I feel that I was bound to anyway. So yeah, the production quality, music, vocals, mixing and pure Swedish death metal was all superb. This is one of those albums you just can't get sick of. I say that because I've been listening to it for some weeks now and I'm still playing it.