Electric Wizard - We Live CD


After 'Dopethrone' was released in 2000, Wizard seemed to have hit their creative peak with riffs heavy enough to crush the ribcage of a baby sitting next to the speaker. 'Let Us Prey' came out without raising too many eyebrows, then Mark Greening and Tim Bagshaw (drums and bass respectively) left in 2003. This left Jus Oborn to rebuild Wizard, and judging by this album he did a hell of a job recruiting new blood.
Less psychedelic than any previous album, 'We Live' is much more focused on the intricate doom riffs of Oborn and Liz Buckingham, Wizard's new guitarist and Oborn's wife.
This album is deceptively the first time Electric Wizard has had two guitarists (Oborn is a wizz with a loop pedal). The two guitarists give room for some awesome riff patterns and solos, with the lyrics creating eerie images of ancient mythology, b-grade horror movies and depression stemming from drug abuse.