Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Really can't go wrong with Electric Wizard. Look at all you get: gallons of psychedelic doom, loads of crushing riffs, twisted vocals, retrogressive honesty, a few hits from the bong, maybe. Nope, really can't go wrong with Electric Wizard. Yea, some folks have a little trouble swallowing the doom sandwich artistically comprised by these high-as-balls occultists; their style is generally unconventional and unforgivably bold, a recipe great for attracting many and repelling some. With "Witchcult Today," we see Electric Wizard attempting their most comfortable album ever. There's no deep agenda to deeply reinvent doom/stoner metal or turn the band's uprising on its bum. Nope, just the obscene rites we've all come to expect from this fantastic band, slowly cooked and blessed by the unholy sabbath.