Drastus - La Croix De Sang LP (Black vinyl)


At some point I’ve appreciated the details of an album like ‘La Croix de Sang’ so much that to put it to words becomes a ridiculous list of ideas I’d become attached to, such as the groaning riffs a few minutes into “The Crown of Death” or the tremolo-picked jets of guitar noise that signal the conclusion of the fantastic opener “Nihil Sine Polum”. I will say that the respite that “Hermetic Silence” provides was often a point I used to pause and reflect (or even step away) from the album and collect myself for the imposing final fifteen or so minutes on the record. Though “Occisor” is probably my most liked track on the record its combination with the 9+ minute “Constrictor Torrents” went a long way in selling me on the full experience and that pairing creates such a fine finale to look forward to that I’d come back to the record far more than I’d usually indulge. There is something special here and I appreciate the work involved enough to give Drastus‘ second full-length a very high recommendation. For preview the full listen is most effective but I’d say start with “The Crown of Death” and then the duo of “Occisor” and “Constrictor Torrents” if you must see the peak before the mountain.