Deathwish - At The Edge Of Damnation LP


The British thrash metal scene often gets razzed for being behind the curve when compared with their German and American counterparts (America naturally includes both U.S. and Brazilian affiliates). This would seem to stem from the fact that Britain was the hub of the original punk rock scene and much of the subsequent hardcore scene, which had a massive influence upon the formation of thrash metal, thus Britain should have had a more direct hand in pioneering said style rather than the likes of San Francisco and New York. Still, even detractors of many of Britain's latecomer acts such as Xentrix and D.A.M. have to give credit to the likes of Onslaught and Sabbat for giving the early masters a run for their money, and the same story holds true for a short-lived adherent in Deathwish, a band that arguably understood the Motorhead influence upon the style better than most, particularly on their extremely raw and vital first foray into the 80s thrash scene in At The Edge Of Damnation.