Deathspell Omega - Paracletus Digi-CD


Paracletus is Deathspell Omega's best work by far. The production is amazing since, everything, even the slightest detail has been mixed carefully and the final product doesn't feel rushed at all. Most album trilogies follow a certain motif where the first album sounds great , the second is decent and the last one leaves the listener indifferent at best, dissapointed at worst. Deathspell Omega didn't fall in that trap. By evolving their sound and never doing the same album twice, they established themselves as one of the most forward-thinking bands of our time, always daring to experiment and incorporate new elements into their sound. This is their greatest achievement, as well as one of the greatest achievements in black metal and metal in general. When I first listened to it, I knew that I would be stuck with the band and the album for a long time. And that's how it is, because I'm pretty sure that I will be listening to this album for a very, very long time. This is also, Deathspell Omega's last full-length release up to this day and, even if I hope that one day they will return, if they don't then they will have ended their carreer with one of the best black metal albums of all time.