DEATH LIKE MASS - Jak Zabija Diabeł MLP (Black Vinyl)
Death Like Mass

DEATH LIKE MASS - Jak Zabija Diabeł MLP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 400 copies on regular black vinyl.
Comes in gatefold cover sleeve, inner jackets features lyrics.
Side B is blank and features a silk-screen printed artwork.

This title track from the new EP begins in unsettling fashion with a sequence of ugly distorted notes, and then hellfire blooms. Horrifying shrieks and murderous howls rise above a truly incinerating assault, which then pauses to seethe, stalk, and pour poison into your ears before the band ignite a final conflagration. It’s a truly vicious, and truly electrifying, piece of music — and so is the savagely storming track that follows it, “Fausta Clemna Noc Duszy”. Laced with dissonant guitar leads and demonic vocal torment, it’s pure pandemonium, but with a rhythmic dynamism that includes a driving groove, cascades of unearthly delirium, and a kind of doomed and terrifying grandeur.

The final track, “Abominacje”, is the shortest of the three outbursts, and perhaps the most deranged and incinerating, an overpowering blast of ripping chaos that never relents.

This EP detonates like a fireworks display right inside your head. Do not miss it.