Dead Head - The Festering LP (Neon Purple vinyl)


This edition on neon purple vinyl is limited to 100 copies with no repress!

Deluxe LP (insert, download card) with the best Dutch Thrash Metal available and fully remastered! 

The most agressive Überthrash Metal recording ever done by a Dutch band and one of the best Thrash demos ever!

Yes, everything is perfect about this demo.

The demo opens with “The Festering” and it becomes clear the band has managed to keep the speed and intensity of their earlier 1989 livetape yet incorporating more and more thrash breaks.

The stop-and-go attitude is excessive here yet the song remains catchy and superbly aggressive.

It is remarkable how the band can keep up this speed for so long.

Oh, and please don’t call this deaththrash.

It’s just aggressive thrash. Ok?

Like a mixture of Kreator’s “Pleasure to Kill” and “Terrible Certainty” with some early Sadus and Darkness-era Dark Angel thrown in.

Nothing ‘death’ about it!
Last but not least we have the production. It is remarkable how good this demo (still) sounds.

For fans of: Kreator, Slayer, Sadus, Merciless, Dark Angel, Sacrifice, Invocator